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Behind the lens: Five Top Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Drone Photos

Updated: Apr 18

A few rhetorical questions to begin with. You want fantastic shots of your client’s homes, right? You need that WOW factor, yes?

Having those aerial photos will give your listing that punch it needs to stand out from the crowd.

A drone that captures great images a must! Plain and simple. You can’t run out and buy a drone with a camera for less than $500.00 and expect to get great photos with it. Actually, you can buy camera drones for less than $100.00 and those photos might be great for a few shots down at the shore with family (maybe!), but not what you want for selling your client’s home. A professional with high quality gear is what your jobs demand. By the way… make sure your pilot has their Part 107 license. It’s the law.

But, it’s not only the platform that needs to be great, aka the drone and its camera, the person behind the lens of that camera needs to have “the eye” for creativity to give you stunning images. You’re looking for an experienced pilot and an even more so… an experienced creative person. Get a team with both and you’re off to a great start!

Okay, drone, pilot, and creative person… Check. Check. Check. Now all we need to do is take those photos. Aerial photos are great for highlighting the special features of the property whether it’s a luxurious pool, a sprawling yard, or a home with a unique shape or look, aerial photos are a great way to show your prospective customers what’s special.

But is that the whole story? I’ve been behind the controls of airplanes flying with a magnificent view of the land. That perspective gives you some mighty fine views of how things correlate to each other. So, I'd say it's not just a photo of the home you’re selling… it’s the area that surrounds your home that can help convey the story you want to tell. Show the lay of the land… a 360 degree view that shows the home in its element. Is it a beach front property with great views of the ocean, beautiful views of the mountains...

Not a reason, but a reminder. Have your listing immaculate before having aerial photos taken. This means… cars out of the driveway, trash cans put inside, cover off the pool and/or sauna, umbrellas up, maybe even power wash the sidewalk and driveway for that fresh look. A general clean up is in order before taking those photos from the sky.

You want fantastic photos of your client's homes... drones can make the magic happen.

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