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Getting to Know Us

The idea of THE FLYING LIZARD started materializing when we were dreaming of how we could combine our passion for photography, Fernanda's love of design, and my passion for flight. We brainstormed on that concept to see if there was a way that we could take this idea and share it with others. Over the next several days I started scratching down ideas on the pad of paper beside my computer and a few days later Fernanda walked in to my studio and asked "Have you thought about a drone business?" I had, and that was the start...

As we began researching we saw that with the recent advances in drone technology, aka better performance, and higher quality cameras, the possibility of creating this boutique company that would be able to deliver high quality photos and data, and stay personal was something that we could actually do.

If we were to start this company we wanted the focus to be on you and our relationship. Our personal approach with you would allow us to identify and prioritize the best drone solution for your organization.

We've both experienced corporate structures and their hinderance of creativity, and lack of versatility because of their bureaucracy and red tape.  You won't find that here. We are committed to creative innovation and quickly respond to new challenges.


The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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