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As with everything in aviation, there are a few situations where we won't be able to fly the mission as planned. "No Gos" as we call them.



Rain, snow, sleet, hail, winds in excess of what the drone can handle. Basically any bad weather conditions will hinder the mission as planned. 


TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) A TFR defines an area restricted to air travel (including drones) due to a hazardous condition, a special event, or a general warning for the entire FAA airspace. We are notified of most TFRs days in advance of when they will happen, but it is something to keep in mind. We have several apps that allow us to track when and where TFRs are happening.

Kp Index

The Kp index is a scale from 0 thru 9 of global geomagnetic activity. These numbers are affected by the Sun, and its activity, aka solar flares. A number 4 or lower is considered "normal" and okay to fly. Four would be considered a solar storm and unsafe to fly. Get any higher than a 4 and "Whoa Nelly!" we are talking about solar flares that can create serious interference. 

These solar storms affect our GPS system. Massive solar storms can throw GPS signals off by 100 feet or more. These storms could cripple a drone. Many of the functions of a drone rely on GPS signals and their reliability. Loss of GPS signal could mean loss of drone...

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